Maximize Productivity of All Flexicon Equipment and Systems

The Flexicon Controls and Automation Department matches state-of-the-art control technologies with Flexicon's full-scale fabrication capabilities.

Flexicon will specify, design, build, and test control systems that ensure maximum equipment productivity while adhering to each customer's requirements.

All Flexicon equipment, from basic conveyors to sophisticated plant-wide process systems is offered with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) offering the following benefits:
  • Easy-to-operate interfaces, from push buttons to human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) with touch screens and graphic representations of equipment inputs and outputs, all customized by application
  • 100% Bench testing to ensure proper monitoring and control functions using actual inputs/outputs such as simulated scale systems, various types of sensors and electric motors
  • Support of process data exchange between equipment controls and the customer's plant-wide process control program such as reporting batch weights and other operational parameters to plant floor equipment, and uploading of weight deviations, alarm signals and any type of feedback required for plant optimization
  • Components that are logically configured and labelled for easy-to-follow troubleshooting by plant personnel
  • UL Listed NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures. UL Listed NEMA 7/9 and Z/X purged panels available upon request
  • CSA approved control panels available upon request